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Journal fiction.

I have an intense fondness for blogs that use the features of being a journaling system to create a journal. Here are some of the ones I’ve read – and yes, there are a lot of zombies here. Something about fictional blogs and my tastes seems to bring the zombie narratives out of the woodwork.

Starwalker: It’s a ship’s log by the ship. Spaceship. AI. There is nothing about any of these stories that is not awesome.

Apocalypse Blog: This one is complete. Zombies, like I said.

Dead Too, Rights: I already mentioned this one today, but I can do it again! The protagonist is a psycho. (But probably not a card-carrying psycho. Did you know that in some countries it’s legal to shoot people who are legally deemed psychopaths, but if they’re sociopaths you have to be a bit more careful about shooting them?)

Adrian’s Undead Diary: I’ve just started this, but so far I like it. Zombies. Swords.

I have an odd relationship to diary fiction in general at the moment, because some narratives are too close to what I’m writing. I’ve had to say ‘no, I can’t read that, I have to wait until after I finish writing Tapestry.’ Then, during my next project, I can cut out an entirely different section of narratives from my reading list, and finally read Memoirs of a Geisha.