May Writing Report

First, by the numbers. I reported 21k written in April and 24k written in May. My writing numbers are holding steady, mostly thanks to Restless Dead. I gained one Patreon patron.

I finished one short story about pirates and mermaids for submission in early May, and started a second one about mad science and superheroics near the end of May. I wrote one scholarship essay, but no blog posts.

I did a lot of worldbuilding practice this month, and am building a dice-based randomization system for character traits I don’t care about but want to include, like precise ethnicity. Cal, who is the best cat friend, transferred Tapestry into a Scrivener file, and I’ve started breaking down all my outlines and worldbuilding notes as I work on giving it the underlying structure I didn’t know a long story needed, when I started writing it more than a decade ago. I haven’t been working on Colony X, but my work on side characters in Restless Dead has been teaching me how I can flesh out my ensemble cast, if/when I go back to CX. I’d rather work on Tapestry than CX, because Tapestry has had a wider audience and it’s far more unfinished – CX is at a pause point, even if it isn’t a perfect pause point.

Peace by Any Means, a sci-fi story from my trunk, went up on Patreon.