Our current tale is called Tapestry, a fantasy serial told in journal format and started in July 2007. Tapestry occasionally touches on mature themes and is not a story suitable for young children.


The Empire grows by leaps and bounds. Here they conquer a populace composed entirely of women who engage in self-mutilation. There they swallow whole a country of fishermen. Why should the empire care, as long as they pay their taxes and serve their new masters faithfully? The autocracy is composed of servants and slaves, officials whose only power stems from their overseers.

Then there is the army. The army is vicious, destroying the infrastructure of a country and bringing it to its knees. The army is gentle, rescuing refugees from the annual flooding of the great river, saving lives (saving workers). Men and women join the army for money, for advancement, for glory, or because they are given no choice in the matter.

There are stories out there about the gallant heroes that fight the Empire and win. Most of those end with the hero’s valiant death. There are stories out there about the glorious little countries that take on goliath and win. This story, though, is not quite so simple. This is the story of a woman and her family, trying to make a life that’s not a mockery from a social system based on whim and birth, where a word in the right ear can leave you begging in the street (if you’re lucky). Juries and judges have no say in this world. Yet somehow, against this backdrop of low-grade paranoia, people carve out stable lives. They do their best, they keep their heads down, they stay far away from politics and they do their jobs.

Of course, the big picture still exists, and it has a story to tell.

Because maybe, just maybe. Things are going to change.

The Beginning


The city circles a great lake at the foot of a tremendous waterfall. The palace is carved into the rock behind and to either side of the waterfall, and a river flows from the lake. To the west is the waterfall, to the east is the ocean. Far to the north are the jungles. Fertile lands extend south and east.


Tapestry is set ‘in real time,’ though real time has a way of getting away from its author. That’s why, though the journal is being written now, the entries are variously being backdated to (at the moment) 2008. I have this dream that someday I’ll take a month off work and catch up to the present with the story, which would be quite something. In the meantime, update frequency tends to vary depending on things like pipes freezing and planting a new rose garden.

About the Author

I’m female and very fond of tea, but that’s where Suki and I part ways. I can be contacted via twitter at @lucy_weaves.


The author happily accepts donations via paypal, if you happened to want to toss something into the hat.  Donations will be used to pay for the story’s webspace, and tea.


The story contains sexual coersion, descriptions of adult or violent situations, slavery, relationships with strong power differentials, and prejudice enough to fill any bingo card you like, including but not limited to sexism, racism, classism, heterosexism and ageism. If I’ve missed any, I’m happy to update this list.

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