Moon day: Temple

Jan 12, 2009

The rain makes it easier to be lost. Any that seek to follow me to or fro will see only the sheets of rain. I am soaked to the skin, but surely the rain is a sign that the gods favor my subterfuge?

As the high priest pointed out today, I must beware of my mind seeking patterns where I want to find them. Such is the domain of a womanly mind, not of priestly intuition. Patterns I see are not patterns of the gods.

That said, I feel he likes me, despite his reservations about my purpose. My feminine intuition tells me so, though I am not sure feminine and intuition go together in one thought. It is something Sev’s mother would say as a joke.

I went to the temple, and was once again taken by a priest through back corridors to a quiet room with no decipherable markings. The high priest sat there, in plain robes, and we took tea as if we were perfectly normal strangers. There was incense of strong type, and it clouded my mind pleasantly. He asked gentle questions, and I answered them in gentle spirit. I think perhaps he thought me more affected than I was, for he offered to have someone see me home. I said yes, thank you, because that is what you say when you are a woman and he is a priest, and I led the young man to a waypoint of mine.

It is dark and the children are abed. I do not visit the temple again for a while, I think. I must think on the high priest. He is seeking guidance himself, and he says we must be patient while he seeks the signs.

He is a very dangerous man, of course. I should not like to tempt him to make an easy choice, instead of a correct and godly choice. That would be too cruel.

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