Earth day

I look at my children today and I barely recognize them. Instead of my prim and proper young lord and lady, they are tanned and shaggy-haired. Both dress the same, for it is unwise for a girl child to advertise herself on the streets, and my twins have never looked more like twins. They wear finery, yes, but it is as if they are dressing up, not down. She wears a red silk top embroidered with dragons, high necked, two years out of fashion, with all the black piping frayed and faded, over a man’s brown robe. Pang wears a black robe and over it he has a blue silk sash embroidered with jet and lapis. Where did they get these things, I ask? We found them, they answer, casual in their disregard. They expect me not to ask further, out of discomfort.

I am tempted not to ask further, but I am very curious. Still, it gives me an idea for their birthday presents.

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