Water day

Jan 7, 2009

I have just finished a review of our small accounts for this errand of ours, this quiet passage of our lives, and I find myself embarrassed by riches. In my inattention, slight though that inattention has been, we have begun to make a profit. Between my work with Meyni and the children’s successful criminal enterprise, loathe am I to face that fact square on, we are no longer touching my jewelry in barter and we are even beginning to accumulate extra trinkets and occasional treats.

Today Heiye and I conspired about the twin’s birthday. He says he knows whence we may avail ourselves to honey, so I may make sweets for them.

Pen will turn eleven without a marriage contract or prospects aside from Jai’s brief interest in including her in their machinations. It maddens me, because this war of ours disrupts their lives more than it disrupts mine or Sev’s. Sev going to war and me staying home and waiting are not new. I have even begun to venture out into capital circles again, in my way, but the children are changed. They can switch into a lower cant, now, and sometimes seem to forget they lived anywhere else. Their friends are here, orphans and vagabonds though they be, and their loves. At least Pen does not seem to have a swain. I would keep her home, but where has that brought me except both of them sneaking out?

At least they seem to have won their small bout of gang warfare. Next time that happens I am advising them on the best policy for poisoning their enemies, before the children lose any teeth.

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