Fire day

Jan 6, 2009

Well, we have not been dragged from our beds by the imperial guard. I can only laugh that this is what it comes to, but is this not our reason for our actions? There are no limits on the imperial will, so necessarily there must be limits that spring naturally from within the emperor.

It is also laughable that for our salvation we turn to Jai Mithras, a boy of shallow wisdom and high opinion of himself. Still, any boy may grow into wisdom, and he does bear blood blessed by the divine. It must show somehow.

I talked to Heiye in a moment snatched between tasks. Sewing on my part, keeping an eye on the children on his. He’s good with the baby. I clarified with him whether or not Sev had discussed with him a plan for discovery and escape, and he told it to me. I agreed with its broad strokes, but made two suggestions.

“Why are you concerned?” he asked.

“I have had a discussion with a priest. I do not believe myself brought to ground, as in a hunt, but one does not assume victory when doing so may mean defeat.”

“Lady,” and his voice was low and confidential, “Would my lord be pleased?”

I had already considered this, of course.

“He would say it is right and just for us all to make our own decisions, as each raindrop chooses where to fall.”

“I did not realize.”

“He will also be furious with me. In the realm of our troubles, it does not merit consideration.”

I could have explained that a healthy fury is good for a man, but that is something Heiye will discover in the fullness of time, and it is not for a woman to explain. After so momentous a day as yesterday, it feels as if things should shift and the ground should begin to rush beneath my feet, but it was just another day, full of loud customers and sewing.

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