Sun day: Market

A brief break in the rains drew me out into the market today to wander in the afternoon sun. I brought no coin with me so that it would not be stolen. The market is still loud and ever-moving, but I have found the stillness within myself again. I used to use my inner stillness to weather more fearsome fears than a marketplace with bare-chested men and caged monkeys.

Sev always disrupts my inner stillness, but he has never disrupted it so badly before. I think I did blame him for a time, for I was very angry, but I’m not angry with him now. I still feel nothing but a cold fury like a soaking rain for the Duke Dri Taras and for Lady Jai Minerva. They – no, that is unfair. I can see a core of honor in his actions. She does not seem so to me. I try to see if she ever had that core of honor and it was tempted, or if she has always been flawed.

They sell snake skins like jewels in the marketplace. I wonder if the children’s new friend is still hale.

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