Earth day

I have made some strides in establishing a routine. We wake in the morning and drink tea with our millet porridge. I settle the twins to their pursuits of writing, languages, history, or geography. Often during this time I have been telling them a useful parable to occupy their minds. Once I am satisfied that some part of their minds are engaged with the wider world, I let them go their way. I creep downstairs to eat my luncheon at Meyni’s table, and help in the kitchen for a time to give her time to sit. Once I tire of that, in a few hours, I retreat to sew by rush light. The children return before it grows truly dark, these days often bearing strange and horrifying gifts. Most often they bear something to liven the supper table, such as a fresh lake fish.

Sev is about his business and I have made resolution not to waste silver watching him, despite my wishes. Rumors from off the rain-soaked roads say things are uneasy in some of the highland provinces. I hear their hills are almost as tall as our Great Cliff. I should like to see that.

Pen’s studies should be no longer my concern, and I had not planned so far ahead. I should not let her study so much of what her brother learns, but they are hard to separate, and they are growing more so. They have been arguing less and less often in my sight.

Pang’s studies conform to the martial, and he still hurries around the room swinging his blade. Still, he is very focused on his street war at the moment. No injuries on his side have been reported.

Heiye brings home such other oddments as are necessary for us – soap, cloth, and grain, as I need it. He grows more and more steady.

I visit the temple again in two days and hope for news.

To conclude my notes on routine, after I feed the children in the evening I sit and write while they talk and play. Pen most often paints. We all sleep early, for the quality of light here does not invite wakefulness.

None of this brings me any closer to guessing what to do for the twin’s birthday. A futile effort at organizing my thoughts, in the end.

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