Moon day: Temple

I spent nearly the whole day at temple, clearing my mind and meditating on truth and family. I have been thinking about the bonds of blood these past few days, and how I need to respect them will all faith and deference. My priestess visited but briefly, not wishing to draw attention to me or to herself with too much attention to a poor woman. Did I know that the poor might receive different treatment in the temples than the nobility? Certainly I expect the imperial family to be treated with more deference than anyone else, but they are holy and I am, no matter my guise, not holy, merely human.

These, then, are her words that I must remember in all detail so that I may know all the parts of my plans.

“He has agreed to speak to others of the Father’s priesthood, who will find out when the next special audience may be. It will take time, you understand, perhaps more than a month.”

“Time we have, though we are still mortal and must still hasten towards death.”

“You are in a poetic mood.”

“I am thinking about secret truths. Do you know many?”

“We are taught that everyone has secret truths, and it is to those that we must minister. I am still a novice at seeing them and drawing them out.”

“It is a skill, then. I had wondered.”

“Yes, it is a skill.”

She seemed uncomfortable, though I know not how to explain what trick of expression or posture told me this. Something about her eyes and her hands, I think.

“Tell me, then, of this priest who agrees to speak with his fellows for you. He is very trustworthy?”

“Say, rather, I can trust him. I know a few secret truths of his, and so he listens when I speak.”

“A worthy skill indeed.”

That drew a smile, and we spoke for a few minutes familiar words of devotion to our goddess, and then she went about her errands and I settled down to meditate and feel the hand of the goddess. That, at least, has not deserted me.

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