Earth day

Himeran, the language I am speaking to disguise my accent and my voice, is very frustrating to me today. I have command enough, but it lacks the nuance and language necessary to have any useful discussion of religion, as I tried to have today. My heretic came again today to bother me, clad as usual in shabby robes and begging at the kitchen for scraps. I told him that he could have millet soup if he entertained me, and so he set himself down to do so.

In Himeran, there is only one word for truth. The closest you can come to the other necessary words is ‘official truth,’ ‘necessary truth,’ and ‘secret truth.’

I could not find my way to how to explain this to him without revealing that I think most often in High Imperial, so we remained at an impasse, for he claims that I cannot prove his god false and I claim his god cannot be true, though I mean his god obviously cannot be officially true. How are we to sort endless rumor from fact if we have no final arbiter with the heavens? I shudder to think what young Mithras will do to the truth, knowing him growing up as I do. He believes the truth revolves around whether or not it gets him sweets.

That is unkind of me. He was a small child then, and small children all believe that the truth can bend to them, rather than they bending to the truth. Hard to explain to a small child that the only people the truth bends to is the imperial will, but necessary, for a child that speaks a hidden truth (or a rumor, or a lie) in the wrong company is death for the child, the family, and the company.

Sev argues that there is no such thing as truth in such a situation, only a multitude of lies, and the challenge is to be the best liar. He is ever vexing, even in imagination.

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Lyn Thorne-AlderAugust 4th, 2015 at 6:18 am

I like Sev’s opinion here, and I’m intrigued by the nuances of ‘truth.’

Lucy WeaverAugust 4th, 2015 at 7:34 am

Having Suki mentally language-switching is a good opportunity for me to play around with the nuance of her native language, which is generally translated into English without much fuss. High Imperial is not more complex than other tongues, but it has a lot more words for water, rain, fish, religion, and politics and a lot less words for, say, snow. The way English has hail, rain, sleet, drizzle, fog, smog, snow, storm, flurry, blizzard, shower. Etc etc.

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