Sun day

Over and over in my mind I have the same arguments with Sev. He is winning. I need him here so that I may have the argument for once and all, and let it end. Honor, faith, loyalty, piety. His broad idea of responsibility to each other. His disdain for medals and rewards. Always holding himself apart from hundreds of years of tradition, as if tradition is an accident to be corrected.

I demonstrated for Heiye some simple skills of taking care of babes, for it is necessary that he should know as Meyni becomes busier and less confined to her bed by illness. He is very careful with the little one, very gentle, as if she were the most delicate clay vase.

“Will you be going to the temple again tomorrow?” he asked.

“I will.”

“Would it please you if I accompanied you, lady mistress? It would be appropriate.”

“For a young thief to accompany an old cook and seamstress? That does not seem appropriate.”

He looked me in the eyes, and then looked away again.

“Oh, very well,” I said. “If it will reassure you, you may accompany me to the temple steps. You could argue more forcefully when you think a course is correct.”

He bowed to me.

“If I have faith that my lady will proceed with the best course possible at every opportunity, no argument is necessary.”

I do not think it is possible for him to be serious, so he is silly. I know where he gets that unfortunate turn of irony in the form of servility. My husband excels at it. It is strange to pray that a visit to a temple may go well, but so I pray.

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