Earth day

Pen consented to hold the baby today, though she was eager to give it back to its mother as soon as she might. I would wonder if I had two sons if she did not love dresses and colors and pretty birds and their feathers so well. She is entirely female, she simply shirks the idea of motherhood. I do not remember how I was at her age, except drawn very inward and not at all used to pleasant female company. I had no understanding of what marriage or childbirth entailed, something that Pen shares, though she has more knowledge now than I then. Commoners are very frank about these things. She is dressing like one, wearing at all times those bright green beads her brother obtained for her.

They are getting along very well, my twins, in their running wild. They are very happy these past few days. Pang has been singing, and Pen has been turning scraps of paper and ink to the purpose of sketching the various creatures and peoples of the marketplaces and streets. She and her brother stole paper today, and so I have more and so does she. I dislike their thievery, but it is part and parcel to our lot in life at the moment and we have spoken of it. They assure me that it is not so pleasant or so lucrative that they will be tempted by it later in life, and that it is simply something they must do to fit in and be unremarkable. I do so need them to be unremarkable. I should never forgive myself or my husband should any harm befall our children out of our folly and our stretching out our hands towards ideals.

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