Moon day: Temple

I am blessed with friends. My dear Mishta recognized me at temple today, disguise or no, and she held my hands and smiled at me and could not find words. Oh, I missed her. It made me realize how many people I miss, my family and my servants and my friends. So many people think I am dead or gone or worse. It is a tender place in my heart, and I walk lightly for fear of shattering.

This is not forever. We went and meditated forever, her in her robes and me in my old woman guise, and after a while, we spoke.

“What can I do for you?” she asked me.

“Naught, naught. Except… counsel, perhaps. I am engaged in things that touch on the domain of the gods, and I would have their wisdom.”

“Which domains?” she asked.

“Thrones and kings,” I said softly. “And their mandates.”

“That… that is more a matter of the Son and the Father than the Daughter. Are you….”

She did not complete her thought, but watched me with sweet worry in her eyes.

“You need to speak with someone with more ears to hear than I,” she said. “I am not so vain as all of this. I am so very glad to see you.”

“I thought, perhaps, the high priest, but I know not if you can….”

“It would take time. I do not know if I can, but if I can, only with time.”

“We have time. Best to be careful, and sure. I am-”

I could not explain, not even to a priestess. She had been careful not to say my name. Who knew what echoes might reach other corners of the marbled temple?

“I will be careful,” she promised. “If it is important.”

“If I am right, it is most important. If I am wrong, and before the gods I do not claim to know more than they may, then I need to know while there is still time. Please, while the rain holds, seek counsel for me. I have nothing to give you, no offering, except my thanks.”

“To see you again is a blessing. But you should go, now, for they will wonder-”

“I’ll return in a week’s time.”

I left, then, out into the rain pouring off the arching tiles of the temple roof, and made my quiet way home, wrapped in an oiled cloak and the silence of the rain.

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Lyn Thorne-AlderJune 15th, 2015 at 3:29 pm

*bounce* What happens when she speaks to the priiiiieest?

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