Tree day

Dec 4, 2008

A good excuse not to go to market today, a torrential rainstorm come down from the jungles. A quiet day, which I spent alternatively minding the baby and Meyni and having Meyni explain to me at some length recipes for fried dough and for dumplings and for a clear soup, again with dumplings. I do wonder if commoners love dumplings so much because they do not have to think what goes into them. Chicken or fish, she tells me, as those are cheap, and whatever green stuff comes to hand.

She has forgotten to be ill at ease with me, in a way that makes me realize she was ill at ease with me from the beginning – not startling, given that I caught her like a beast in a trap, but still not something I’d thought about.

My children are not sure what to make of the baby and the attention it receives. Both children have consented to hold her, but only Pang seems interested. I do find that strange.

If the weather breaks I will visit the market tomorrow.

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jacobFebruary 2nd, 2015 at 4:59 am

Glad to see you’re writing again! Just caught up on all the new posts 🙂

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