Fire day

The weather today is both dreary and foggy. Pen was sweet and made breakfast today, a savory, spicy porridge they serve in quantity at this place and places like it. Lodging houses.

I spoke with Meyni today about the changes. I apologized for not being more help – she is still weak from childbirth, and really should stay abed.

“It is because I do not look the part,” I explained to her. “My accent is not ideal, either.”

“Is that all?” She said. “You should have said something. I have – herbs. And you can just choose a regional dialect and speak that, your accent isn’t nearly so cushy in Himeran.”

Which is insulting, because I worked very hard on my Himeran, but perhaps it will do. She was tired, but tomorrow we are going to work out a disguise for me. I am pleased by the idea, as long as I do not need to cut my hair. Meyni says I will make a convincing old woman she hired to help.

I am making sure to remember my sense of humor.

I will be able to go to the market and do the shopping. I will be able to go outside. I pray this is the right decision.

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