Moon day

Dec 1, 2008

I spoke with Sev today. In short, we are agreed that we must simplify things so that the children may have routine, even as he prepares for war. We have never before tried to balance his time on a campaign with his time with us, and it is wearing in a way I did not expect. He is to go away, for the winter months, and take up rooms elsewhere under the duke’s auspices. I will keep the children here, and take care of Meyni and the baby.

In all good humor, it will be a relief not to have his bad moods and mine feeding off each other. Given a little distance, we have not been as good to each other as we could have been, the past few months.

He takes the majority of our silver with him, leaving me with my jewelry to sell as I need to and my earnings from working on sewing in the evenings and in the kitchen during the day. The children, with their habits of theft, provide for themselves ably enough, though they are thin these past few months. Best not to think about what would happen if the crops had not been good this past season, but it was a good harvest, the better to feed the armies.

Sev leaves in the morning. I shall be very lonely.


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