Sun day

Nov 23, 2008

It is said that a woman’s weapon is poison, and perhaps that is so. I have never poisoned anyone. I think perhaps my husband has, though I have never asked. I am working on my letters to Dri and Min, and my weapon is kindness. To their protestations, I offer gratitude. To their guilt, forgiveness.

I do not know if anything I write is true. Here is something true, at least, and that truth is that I think them dishonorable and unworthy of trust. I think they look at friends as someone to use, and I think I should never like to think that way. Friendship is sacred, in the same way that forgiveness is sacred. When I stand before the gods on my dying day, I would like them to think me honorable, as I am sure my friend Nimaseki went to the gods clad in honor fit for a queen.

Meyni is an interesting case of honor, because she has yet to find hers, I think. Her honor limps in the dark, wounded by her thievery and the necessity which she holds it was. She went against the order of the world, targeting the nobility with her thefts.

The children went out today and came home bearing gifts – two fish to flavor our porridge with, a gaudy necklace of green beads that Pang gave his sister, and Heiye supplied four fruits for the table, speaking of thievery.

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