Earth day

Nov 22, 2008

No one went about today who did not have to, as the rain washed the streets clean and the hail made them shine. I looked out, this morning, at the street usually busy at all hours with common men and a few women going about their business with their wares. The shutters, on the buildings that had them, were all closed. Some buildings had only cloth and mats drawn over their windows, and I should not like to experience that in this weather.

Sev meant to be away, but he has stayed and kept the children distracted by his existence in so doing. He is still a novelty to them, even now. For that reason, I have not had to write back to my very dear friends.

The hail looked like piled up gemstones, or perhaps the eggs of some exotic creature from the sea. I believe they have these things called turtles, though I have only eaten a bit of one at a high feastday and never seen one living myself. I wonder if their eggs glitter.

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