Fire day

November 4, 2008

I shall note down a conversation here, so that I may not forget it.

“What happened to your father?”

“Oh, he died of a sickness. Too young for me to remember.”

“Was this his boarding house, once upon a time?”

“No, it has been passed down the female line for generations,” Meyni said, hands flashing in a quick rude gesture she thought I would not see, before they were buried once more in baskets of herbs.

“I have found it does not help me to assume,” I said. The sky outside Nimaseki’s window was overcast, but there was a little blue over in the direction of the lake. “I often know less than I would think.”


“When you are brought up in a certain way, things seem obvious. The world is a little more – a little less obvious than that.”

“I don’t see what that has to do with my father.”

“One’s father matters, doesn’t he?”

“Not mine. He had nothing to do with me, and I did not lack for him.”

I was struck by considering my memories of my father, and his shadow. Sev’s father is a place in his life I do not venture, but I know Sev and his mother were ever shaped and controlled by him. His disappointment was as strong as his occasional approval. From him Sev found some of his unwavering faith in doing what must be done, even if his moral views share more with his mother.

“You did not much consider your mother’s path for you, either,” I said, though I was tempted to ask it as a question.

She did not answer me immediately.

“No. I didn’t. I knew what I wanted, after all, and what my mother felt… that was her affair.”

“Did you dislike your mother?”

“No! I love her. I… loved her. I think she is more comfortable, now, but I do not dislike her.”

“I cannot imagine.”

“I know. That is your affair, as well. We must all mind our business, mustn’t we?”

“And our property.”

“One succeeds in life through cleverness and will. Don’t argue that.”

“Commanding me, are you, girl?”

“I must practice, if I am to be a mother.”

“What will you name her?”

“He could be a boy. It would simplify the inheritance.”

“You have Len.”

“Who is too scared of you to be in the same room with you for more than a minute.”

“That is the normal way of it.”

“You use that word a great deal, normal. Your ladyship does realize that it does not apply to any of this?”

I laughed.

I am tired. There is more – there is always more – but I will find time to continue this tomorrow. It was a busy day, but not an eventful one.

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