Fire day

October 28, 2008

Bird calls and the sound of rain woke me. The birds are little grey and brown things that are more interesting to hear than to see. I prefer larks. I slipped out of bed, donned a robe, and built up the fire for tea.

The children slept through my doings, and I tidied around them. I had time to knead dough and heat oil before they woke to the smell of breakfast frying. All three piled out of bed. Pen fetched the tea to our cushions and we ate together, children murmuring furtively into each other’s ears. I do so love the sound of plotting in the morning.

Meyni stopped by this morning after breakfast. She seemed tired. Custom has been good, and she told me that my children looked healthy and well. She asked if I would like to see Sev. I said no, but I think I shall change my mind. He left without word, and I wish to know if it shall be a week or many months before I see him again. I don’t blame him for leaving. Doing his work is the only thing we should be thinking about. Still, I feel as if he is pulling away. Our patterns are breaking. My habitual frustration with him has no room for air, here, and I don’t know what to think of him without it. I am not a woman prone to airy expressions of warmth and cheer where’er I may go. I prefer precision. I do feel warmly, but I fear to dwell upon it. There are complexities that warmth of feeling does no justice to. I shall look in on Sev tomorrow.

Nima continues the same. I told Meyni to bring in a doctor to see her. She made a face, but I believed I moved her. Sewing leaves me a great time to think, though my hands cramp and my eyes tire. Good company has a way of feeling like comfortable solitude.

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Selphie TrabiaJuly 10th, 2012 at 7:40 pm

Out to our patterns are breaking.

And I hope this solitude ends soon. Lady Uru really sounds like she’s getting cabin fever.

adminSeptember 9th, 2012 at 5:44 pm


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