Sun day

October 26, 2008

Many tears today. Pen and Pang’s argument about their lessons drove their father to seek quieter climes to contemplate his military strategies. They are distraught, and I am unmoved. They should expect more of themselves.

I do not expect Sev home this evening. I sent the children out so that they might entertain themselves and so that I might make my way carefully down the hall to Nima’s chamber. Sewing, at least, was peaceful.

The city has been quieter recently. It is said, Nima tells me, that the nobility are unusually preoccupied by events outside the city, and they have less time than usual for their circles of drama. I miss such circles. I quite enjoyed the dancing and gossip. I hope Dri or Min write. Perhaps I shall write to Dri. Yes, I shall, for I am terribly bored. I shall not compose poetry, nor indiscreetly divulge my activities, but perhaps I shall tell him a few amusing tales about Sev or Min. When Min and I were friends, I could always count on her to be idle and eager to come out with me to entertainments.

I have no long philosophies today. I tell myself I do not need to achieve fervor and insight every day. It is enough that I am well.

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