Earth day

October 25, 2008

Nimaseki told me a story today. Meyni was in her girlhood, about Pen’s age, and Nima had begun thinking about marrying her to some second son who could inherit the boarding house. It is what she considers most bad luck that she took on a boarder in the private set of rooms we now share who took a liking to Meyni, and she likewise to him. Nima had told me of it, and Meyni’s supposed career as a loose woman, before, but not in such detail. He was terse with Nima, but Meyni called him warm. His rooms were cluttered with vials and potions, strange objects and carved boxes.

Meyni spent all her free time with her teacher of forbidden – cloistered – magic. I wonder if he was a renegade priest or if he was part of some long line of magicians, working silver into far-seeing and invisibility.

She left home, pushed by her secrets and her mother, until I pushed her home again. I, and whatever she was hiding from when we met, scared her thoroughly. She has been a good daughter in her mother’s last year. We came to discuss it because I was telling her about Pen’s recent appeal to higher authority. At least my daughter is not likely to take up a career as a loose woman.

Pen is louder than her brother, but he acts out as much as his sister, in quieter ways. While I am remembering things, let me remember that.

Today, the weather is clear and dry, my family is together, and I feel as if the sun is shining in my mind.

Sev is waiting.

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