Tree day

Oct 23, 2008.

Sev and I discussed Heiye today.

“Heiye is growing well.”

“I agree. He seems to be prospering.”

“Well, as much as he can.”

“As much as he can, Sev? I am not so harsh as all that.”

“His life is harsh, my dear.”

“Our paths are less harsh?”

“We have our freedom.”

“How highly do you think I rate our freedom, tucked away here like a secret doll hidden behind a cupboard?”

“When did you hide your dolls behind a cupboard?”

“All the time. That isn’t the point.”

“It’s always the point. You shouldn’t take these things for granted, Suki.”

“I don’t.”

“He’s a slave. You think that that’s pleasant for him?”

“It’s not unpleasant, not with us.”

“It’s unpleasant by nature.”

“And what would you have instead?”

“Something. Anything, really.”

“I don’t want to be disagreeable, husband….”

“Oh, you do. I can see it in your eyebrows. Come, lady, disagree with me.”

“I don’t-”

“Don’t what?”

“The institutions of the world are not mine to change.”

“Then what do you think we’re doing? Why do you think we’re doing it?”

“We’re replacing one petty brat with another, and hoping his mother can shame him into good behavior.”

“Mothers are very good at that.”

“I can’t even get Pen to agree that she should care more about her hair than about the hair on her paintbrush, I hope out no hope that Minerva, who has no particular merits in the department of persuasion, may do better with her son.”

“Oh, please, do go on. I love it when you tear holes in ideas.”

“Don’t mock me, husband mine.”

He wrapped his arms around me.

“I do not mock. I quite enjoy poking holes in Dri’s plans myself, you know. It’s all I do with my time.”

“I hate arguing with you.”

“I know. It’s good for both of us?”

“You don’t need this.”

“I’ll tell you what I need, my love.”

“No, you won’t.”

He laughed.

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AkedhiFebruary 12th, 2012 at 12:26 pm

I love that Sev does not read her argumentativeness in her eyes, but in her eyebrows.

M.E. TraylorMarch 26th, 2012 at 5:18 pm

“We’re replacing one petty brat with another, and hoping his mother can shame him into good behavior.”

The essence of politics.

adminJune 24th, 2012 at 5:37 pm

Sev happens to like eyebrows. What do you want.


adminJune 24th, 2012 at 5:38 pm

Politics are fun! (Why is everyone looking at me that way….)

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