Gold day

What, then, is the news from the wider world? The rains are smothering the summer wars as they always do, letting people grow their crops and tend to their sick and their dying. Summer riots are quiet as well, and the light outside is dim and grey.

The highlands to the west are silent as ever. The jungles to the north keep their secrets. The Empire south and east has full rivers and full pockets.

Talking to Sev today, with the children out and about. That still makes me feel very free.

“Do you know why Dri isn’t married?” He asked me.

“I never asked. Somehow I assumed him widowed.”

He was smiling, in that particularly thoughtful way of his.

“He isn’t. Our glorious leader is gloriously single, and gloriously interested in your business.”

“Or perhaps in yours. You are the one he pursues, hound to hare.”

“You think me he is after my rump?”

“Perhaps your sword.”

My husband looked at me strangely, his brows creased, and he touched my forehead with a finger.

“Never call it that again, my wife. No violence is intended.”

“I hear and obey,” I replied, prompting his smile. Sometimes he does do as he ought.

“In either case, I feel that you have more to offer the fellow. Should I bribe him with you, to get him to agree that all his plans are crazed and he should just let me run things?”

“Are they?” I asked.

“Oh, a little. He has a sound strategy, but his tactics are those of a desperate man. Desperate men are seldom thorough. For instance, I do not merit his choice of Emperor’s very highly.”

“There is the Blood,” I pointed out.

He snorted. “Do you really think that matters?”


I must admit, I was offended.


A simple question, isn’t it? Not so easy to answer off-handedly.

What I said was, “Everything I believe says so.”

He laughed softly, pushed his hair out of his eyes, and looked up at the ceiling.

“I am still endlessly shocked you did not leave me and turn me over as a heretic, sweet lady. It would have been so easy. I’m sure my brother would have been happy to kill his wife and take you instead, and the children would have adjusted easily enough. You could be a good, patriotic sort of citizen.” He glanced at my expression, and smiled. “And, don’t say it. If you say anything about me being your husband and this being your duty, I shall scream at you.”

“You know me so well?”

Sev ran his fingers through my hair.

“I do, actually.”

Bad weather aside, today was a good day.

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adminJune 12th, 2010 at 1:26 pm

A short explanation of where updates are: I am off to China on Monday, and I dislike that frantic ‘I must finish something, anything, quality doesn’t matter’ feeling I have been getting. That’s why I work with a buffer, but I’ll have to rebuild that in July, after I get back. Expect more stories then, enhanced and enlightened by the experience of Chinese culture.

polemicallyJune 13th, 2010 at 3:22 am

I think it is so amazing that you’re going to China. I hope you have a wonderful time.

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