Tree day

I did expect one of the children to have a small fit about our exercise in language immersion, but I did not think it would be Heiye. He doesn’t understand it very well, and the children will snap at him if he doesn’t move quickly enough. He stormed out of the apartments this afternoon, returning after an hour to sulk in a corner.

He did not get dinner.

Apparently he and the twins have made a new friend, a girl his age. So the children inform me, anyway. She is tall, happy and a thief. Heiye is quite taken with her, apparently having abandoned his crush on my priestess friend.

I tend to see it as a statement of my own goodwill and good treatment that he’s chosen to misbehave. I do not think he would have dreamed of misbehaving for any reason, when I bought him. I’ve only had to beat him once.

I am still not pleased with him running off like a mad thing, but I can accept, at the same time, that my twins are enough to drive any right-thinking person out of their mind. Sev thinks the whole thing is very funny.

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