Gold day: Letter

Folded letter pressed between two pages:

My lady,

I am a horribly busy man, and a horrible man, for I have found little time to read and less time to write since last we corresponded. I pen this in haste, and only wish to give you my kindest regards in your durance vile. Will you write me a poem? I have few hours of leisure to entertain such things in, but I shall make an effort for your sake. Next time I write, I shall include a book of poems. It seems as if your ladyship could not help but be bored under the circumstances.

Most sincerely,
Your friend

I have met few men more solicitious of my comfort than Duke Adri. If he could, he would hover, perhaps bearing me off to some bower or other. The thing that mystifies me is that in none of his correspondences does he remember my children or remark upon them, as if they did not exist to him. He remembers Sev, but perhaps by virtue of Sev demanding such. I do not think Duke Adri courts me, but he does not seem to understand my treasures. To speak to me as a close friend without understanding that you cannot ignore my children as beneath you strikes me as presumptuous. I have had mostly female friends, but by and large Sev’s friends have understood that my main function is childrearing.

As ever, the children and I are soothed by Sev’s presence. He educates Pang and keeps Pen in her place. She is a presumptuous one too, my Pen. Perhaps she should marry Duke Adri – but probably not. I somehow doubt we want to be related to him any more than we want to be related to Min. I shall have to ask Sev.

We are running low on food, so I have tasked Sev to take care of that. He should be about the neighborhood in any case, so that people do not wonder where he goes all the time. That is a principle of disguise, or some such thing.

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