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Moon day

Sev took me to task today for my sour mood. He has tasked me to write it out in its entirety and then show him the page. Here follows my obedience.

My mood started yesterday and did not lift with rest. This morning I restrained my temper and related to the children recent history of the Empire and its conquests. At lunch, Sev noticed my silence and questioned it.

“I’m quite certain,” I said, “That nothing could possibly be wrong.”

“Lady wife, if something is wrong, you must tell me.”

I replied, “I feel certain that you will do as you think best.”

It was rude to speak so familiarly in front of the children. Sev stood, and taking my hand in his, he took me from the table into the other room.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, and guided me to rest my head against his breast.

“Lady wife,” he said, “I have been patient with you these past months, and I have done what is best for you in every instance. You have needed this time to adjust your thinking, but-”

Here he paused, sighing.

“You need now to accept this and move on. It’s time to put your mood aside and be my helpmeet. I have need of you, and it is not the time to slide back down into the wells of your mind and be lost. Neither you nor I have that luxury at this time.”

“Have I been so terrible as all that?” I asked.

“Lady wife,” Sev laughed, “You have been a horror.”

I was struck dumb by that, because it was just like him to say such a thing.

“I want you to go and teach the children and make me something nice for dinner,” Sev instructed me. “This evening, if you would, please write on this. I should like to see your thoughts.”

“Yes, my lord husband.”

My thoughts on this are varied, but in essence I am agreeable. Sliding into silence and self-imposed isolation is not something that I wish to become a habit. I shall endeavor to be less self-indulgent.


Showing that to Sev was quite uncomfortable. He kissed me and commented, “Your writing is rather more critical than you allow yourself normally. I like it.”