Moon day: Letter

Folded letter pressed between two pages:

Dear lady,

I cannot tell you how pleased I was to hear from you. Your fate has been often in my thoughts these past few weeks, and it is with great pleasure that I learn you are well and hale.

I can only assume that you are displeased with me, however, and I beg your forgiveness. It was never my intention to cause you distress. I take your husband’s cooperation as a positive sign in this regard.

I do have a rather pressing question, however, and that is – is your husband insane? I cannot tell, in truth.

Your friend.

Sev was home most of the morning, and gone again after luncheon. Duke Adri gave him letters to deliver, or possibly Sev stole letters from the Duke’s desk to deliver whether the Duke wanted him to or no. Sev’s explanation was a bit too fast for me. He is in one of his manic moods, and almost left home without a shirt. I have never met a man more absent-minded.

I notice that I am calling this place home now. I do not particularly enjoy that.

The children have been slightly less moody since Sev mentioned that he’d met bears less prickly. I was included in that statement, but I choose to believe that he did not intend to include me. He is here and gone again. I shall eventually get used to him working from here. For now, it continues to disconcert me that when he goes away for business, he will be back within the day, and on that same note, that when he goes away, it is for business.

Duke Adri’s little letter has been irritating me for most of the day. It seems that his impression of me is that a few soft words and a false smile and apology is all he needs to win my trust once more. He is not sincere. I may not know him well, truly, but I know him well enough to smell when he is speaking words that he wants to be believed, not words that he believes. He is a fanatic. When he believes something, he is fire and steel, like Sev, like I. There was no fire in him in his letter, only whispering water, quickly gone and quicker forgotten. No, I do not forgive him. No, I will not forgive him. Not when he underestimates my character so tremendously.

I will, however, comply with Sev’s wishes and make the forms of making up with my ‘friend.’ Sev thinks it could be useful. I do not know how I will write a letter to him that will be believably forgiving. I will think on it, for Sev will not see him again for some time. I have time to think on my lies.

Duke Adri is an irritating little blond. I would not be surprised if he dyed his hair.

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