Earth day

My daughter is either gloriously idiotic or gloriously brilliant, and I cannot say which of those two it might be. It began, as these things do, with the troublemaker from yesterday. I took the opportunity of his return to teach him a lesson, and perhaps bring Pen and Pang closer together, as is appropriate in my children. I cannot say Sev or I were ever close to our respective siblings, but I like that my twins have stayed close through their formative years and wished to encourage that.

That’s why I asked Pen to play rescuer and punishing vigilance once I realized his lordship had not dropped his suit for my slave boy. I must say, while I knew that older noblewomen might feel that way, I did not realize that noblemen younger than I would be so desperate for attention as all that. I can only suppose that the young man thinks that aping the prince’s mannerisms will earn him favor with said prince.

Pen asked the man if he was married. He replied in the negative. She asked why not, and he replied that his family had arranged no such thing for him. She asked him to dance, which they did.

She danced with him in the garden, by the pond, and used the ground to her advantage to make him trip himself into the pond. It is something her father would have done, and I marvel that she pulled it off successfully.

It is a very childish sort of revenge, dunking someone in the pond, and yet I cannot object. The man will be a laughingstock for some time, and my daughter has secured Heiye’s gratitude. That should help ease the gap between Pang and his sister, as Heiye was the one who came between them in the first place.

I shall write Sev with it in my next letter. He deserves to know that at least one of his children has inherited his particular talent for malicious strategy. If I were in favor of Pang joining our illustrious army, I would wish that he had inherited it as well, for it has ever served Sev marvelously.

When I was thirteen, Sev’s brother called me a quite unpleasant name, and Sev locked the boy in his room for a number of days. Amazingly, no one ever found out about that one. Sev plans everything, which is the only reason I can think that it succeeded.

Just about seventy people arrived today, but again all the wine was gone by the time they left. This set is more apt to drink, I find, and I prefer them gone. The other set I liked, for they were closer to my age or older. This group was full of newlyweds and hangers on, those who hear about things late but want to seem like they are in the know in any case. I cannot say I have ever flocked with that set, though I do go through my times circulating with everyone from yesterday. Just not lately, for I have been busy with the children and my own concerns. I have been practically a hermit, in all honesty, too seldom involved in the gossip circles. It is safer for me to be away from there, where everyone is eventually picked apart into their most gruesome secrets, but not safe for me to stay away too long.

Dena, of the lowlands, is one of the newest of the prime gossips and one I like the best. I shall visit with her again just before the equinox and see her at the grand equinox celebration. She shall lead me safely towards folk I may seek out to ask after scandals.

Her proper name is Lady Denasi Temavil, and I believe her to have come all the way from the coast to make her fortunes here. She is a widow with four children whose names I have heard a few days ago and cannot now remember. I shall ask Tala about her, for she will know. They are of an age.

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Grusome should be gruesome.

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