Water day

Min neglected to attend our usual gathering this morning. I took solace with my children, asked Tala to come with me, and together we and the children took tea in the garden. Tala found it very quaint, the children behaved well, and we ended up taking turns chanting the song stories of the creation of the world for the little ones. Tala is very good with children, it was strange to find. Young and beautiful as she is, I usually associate her with men, for that is the sort that surrounds her at parties. She might have children, but if she does I do not remember them, which is a terrible thing for a woman not to know about a friend. I shall ask tomorrow. We’ve known each other some years now, I should have asked before.

I am not any more happy with events, but it is not anything I can fix. I have my own family and children to concern myself with.

The children went riding with Min’s son as usual, but I didn’t attend, much as she did not attend my parlor this morning.

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