Earth day

The house is washed, dressed and tidied. The children are likewise. The servants have been warned that if they shame me, I shall not be lenient. I have a good guest list tomorrow, it will not do to disappoint them. Included are some many enemies of mine, because it does not do to seem to exclude anyone. Her highness, Jun, Aisa, Hideki, Min. I would have sent Dri an invitation with gold leaf, were he but in the capital. He is wonderful, is Dri, entertaining and charismatic, but he is allied with Min and not with I.

The weather looks clear. The kitchen is prepared. Tomorrow I get up exceedingly early to join in the cooking. Not my favorite activity, but necessary, and Pen shall join me as well. She and Pang are not invited to the party. With royalty in attendance, it would simply be too risky. I expect some fifty or a hundred, depending on who has time. I would guess sixty.

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