Water day

My sister Asha thinks very well of herself. She is quite good at acting the reasonable one, but I do not think helping me with a party is reason enough to instruct me in political thought.

Next time I write Sev I will mention the tax law she wants me to. I can hear his reply now, “Because it’s such a marvelous idea to make them resent us even more.” Asha said that the colonies owed it to us, with their constant infighting and rebellion, that they should pay us for all the trouble they cause. If I thought taxes would bring Sev home safe to me, I might be more convinced.

I still can’t believe that he thinks I will want to hear his ridiculous made-up stories about his horse. I wish I could write him in something other than code, but as long as the rain keeps up we’ll have to keep speaking as if anyone at all is listening. I can’t tell him about Meyni yet, because of that. I want to.

I attend that tea party tomorrow. Hopefully it shall be less tiresome.

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