Fire day: Letter

Folded letter pressed between two pages:

My lady,

Have I told you about the general in charge of this campaign? He is truly genius. I have never met a man who could be more admired for his daring, use of all available resources and drive to win at any cost. We took the riverbank with acceptable losses and are not burdened with the presence of prisoners. I would not have thought of using horses untrained for war to stampede the barracades. I shall remember that tactic for a very long time.

On a more serious note, keep close to Jai Minerva. She is your friend, after all. Tell me how things progress, and for the love of the Father, refrain from drawing attention to yourself. Why the expense of throwing a party? If you continue to do things you hate, I shall infer that you are mad and confine you to the bedroom upon my return.

There are so many things I would do to you if you were here. To spare your sensibilities, I shall not elaborate.

I am sorry to hear about your problems with rain. The weather here cleared up for the battle, but with my luck cloud cover will return.

One last instruction, my wife, is this. Ignore those who annoy you. Your temper does not become you.

Give the children my love, and tell them to be proud of their father for winning so many battles. If it is not too much trouble, I would like to know how they are.

As I’m sure you are concerned, my horse is fine. He tells me that he wants oats and clean straw, but I told him that as I was human, first choice of oats was mine. I did allow that if we found sour crabapple, he could have some and he bit me. Ungrateful brute.

Yours faithfully,

Many things today. My husband is insufferably crude. Meyni has found work, shockingly enough. Lord Dri thinks I am charming and has invited me to his home for tomorrow, but as my sister has done the same, family must come first. He says he shall postpone the poetry reading until the day after. An odd man, and I shall take Heiye. The boy has good instincts about people.

Meyni’s watcher returned with a pleasing tale. She has found work at a laundry, though no suitors so far. Marriage would calm her wildness, no doubt. It is a respectable sort of thing, and doubtless she will benefit from exposure to respectable folk. No doubt she will cease to dress like someone who wants male eyes on her and copy her fellow workers. Then she will attract a good husband, with fine prospects, and be properly settled.

Sev only speaks of acceptable losses when they are not acceptable to him. No one asks his advice on these things. I want to shake that general of his. Regard for human life is not a weakness.

Min was oddly pleading about the poetry reading with Lord Dri, the way she is about things that actually matter to her, like the affair with Pen. I wonder how close she and Lord Dri are. Her husband is cold to her, I know.

My husband is not cold to me. Officious, suspicious, petty, a liar and storyteller, angry, distraught, arrogant, blatant or sensual, he is always full of emotion. It drives me mad, but it is one of his best features. I always know what he is thinking. He is usually trying to figure out how best to annoy me.

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