Sun day

I talked to a prince today. He came looking for Sev. He was upset to hear that my husband was once more in the field, and muttered to himself that he should have been informed. It distresses me that my Sev has caught the prince’s attention.

I offered him tea and he disdained it. Then he asked when Sev would be home. It could be months, of course, or a year. He asked if Sev didn’t like his fellow nobles, for why else would he stay away. I assured him that Sev would not stay away if he had a choice.

At this point he told me, “Perhaps he would be here more if you were less dull.”

I replied, “I could not say, your highness.”

Sev doesn’t think I’m dull. He thinks I’m annoying. I worry too much. I’m too smart for a girl, and too sensible. I think too much. I’m not dull.

There’s a difference. I wish he was here to tell me to slow down and shut up and stop worrying.

I wish I’d had the nerve to try to get Jun and Aisa in trouble with him. Until I know something bad about them that is true, I cannot. Even if I am sure they caused this somehow, his misapprehension that my husband was home, I have no proof. I am sure, however, that something will turn up. When we were friends, though they were closer to Sev than I, they always struck me as a bit dim.

My sister wants me to visit for tea. I lack words for how much I look forward to this. I do not. At least it isn’t Yu.

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