Water day

Dri Taras is an interesting man, and a confusing one. The party went well. My friends enjoyed themselves, which is what a party should cause. I did not enjoy myself, because where would be the point in that?

Min did not bring her son, so I allowed Pen and Pang to circulate briefly.

Dri Taras talked to Pen for longer than I thought was suitable, so I broke into the conversation as he was asking, “And how long until you can be promised, young lady?”

She answered, “I do not know, for my lady mother has not told me.” I was proud of her. She had been warned that no mention of art was to be whispered of, and she stuck by it throughout the day. She’s an obedient child. I drew her away, pointing her towards a group she had not yet introduced herself to, and paused to talk to Lord Dri so that he would not feel that I was neglecting him or leaving him isolated. The conversation, as far as I can recall, went this way.

“Do you have children yourself, Lord Dri?”

“No, lady. It is a pleasure that I have not had.” He hesitated here. “I suppose my suit for your daughter would be out of the question?”

I allowed him a smile. He was charming, even in silliness. “Not for my daughter, I think. If my gallant,” here I’m afraid I allowed my distaste for the word to show, “husband ever leaves me a widow, then we would talk.”

He bowed prettily. “You do me a great honor, lady.”

“Think nothing of it,” I suggested. After all, the only reason I was feigning interest in him was that he needed distracting from my Pen. He was not my Sev.

“You make me wish I was the sort of man who could ill-wish another,” he replied, and added, “Alas, I am not.”

I do not know what sort of man Dri Taras is, but I do know this. He is slippery, and conversing with him is like ice skating. You are never quite sure if the ice is thick enough, but it is always a thrill. The conversation ended there, in main part, because I drew another young lady into it to introduce them so that I might leave. I left them discussing grain prices or some such thing. You never can tell who has hidden merchant tendencies. I do not, thankfully.

It has been a very long day. Pang talked very prettily about his father to all comers. The only engaging conversation I had I have already transcribed. I want to remember it. I get the feeling that engaging conversations will be few and far between until my husband returns home, and who knows when that will be? Months. A year. I must to bed, before I succumb to melancholy.

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