Moon day: Temple

I do hope Mishta will be allowed to see me next week. Her supervisor was irritated with her to find her sitting and talking with me this afternoon. I left early in the hopes of making things simpler for her. It isn’t as if I haven’t been tithing whenever I go to temple. I’ve been meditating from dawn until midday, and only then has Mishta found the time to talk. There are ten priestesses here for every one supplicant, it is not as if she will be missed.

Mishta tells me that while she has heard that high priestesses practice some form of mysticism associated with silver, she has heard naught about it that is not rumor. She thought my idea of turning the girl over to her flattering, but declined. She reminded me that she is little more than a girl herself, and that this Meyni is older than her. I forget. Mishta is a very old sort of girl, though fifteen in years.

Rather than go home, I went out this evening, spending it with Min. I still want to understand her recent changes, and despite another evening of discussing what sort of hair styles would match our latest dresses, I am no closer to understanding. I dislike intensely the realization that Min will likely show no weaknesses unless I give her an opportunity to exploit mine. I shall have to bring Pen along for an outing again, once Pen is behaving well enough to go out in company. That shall have to wait until after the party. Tomorrow we prepare, the day after I play gracious hostess all day. I wonder who will come. In fact, I believe I shall make a list of who comes. My husband might find it interesting.

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