Sun day

The new silver arrived today, for which I am grateful. In the unlikely event of a dinner party, we will now be well settled. I herded Heiye out of the room again today to spend time in the garden with Pang.

Sev stayed in today, but I didn’t see him. He borrowed Pen from me and stayed in his office, conducting his own affairs. He had three visitors, all soldiers, and they took tea and cakes in his office. Pen was in attendance, oddly enough.

I asked her about it this evening and she said, “Lieutenant-Father was doing accounts like you do. He forgot to carry a five so I did it for him and got a cake.”

The girl was so pleased by it that I embraced her before sending her to bed.

Sev will be leaving soon. He hasn’t told me, but I know the signs. He’s preparing the ledgers for his troops movements and supply, recquisitioning men and equipment. I don’t need to be told. Today I sent his armor back to the shop to be rechecked, and had a man in to sort out his sword and dagger and so on. I spent most of the day altering his new uniforms into fitting garments, rather than the bags that are standard issue. It would hardly do for him to leave looking like a common soldier dressed up for fun.

I borrowed Alisa from Cook for the day and had her go through Sev’s things piece by piece. She’s my favorite for unquestioning precision. I don’t have to waste time answering her questions, at least about tasks. She’s the worst gossip of the lot, though, with friends in every shop and home. It doesn’t matter whether she realizes why she’s been helping. She’s simply the best choice for the task, and it needs to be completed today.

I only realized Sev was leaving this morning. I don’t know when he’ll go. It could be tomorrow or it could be next month. There’s no way to know without asking, and asking would imply that I couldn’t be ready whenever he needed me. Which I can. I am.

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