Gold day

Sev went out today, as he has been doing, and I had little chance to discuss Pen with him. I suppose it will wait.

Very little I care to think about occured today, aside from a situation with Heiye. I found him in the dining room, sitting in his regular chair by the side board, where he sits when serving at meals. Since he took to serving so quickly, I’ve had him for all the family meals. After all, he does not gossip, or I will know why.

As in the sideboard is the family silver, which has so often recently gone missing, permanent, I asked him quite sharply what he thought he was doing.

He looked at me with those dark eyes of his, and ducked his head. “Waiting, Lady-Mistress.”

“Is that what you should be doing, Heiye?” I asked.

He did not raise his eyes to meet mine, and I was glad of it. It would have been offensive. I dislike brazen personalities. “Young-Lord Pang is with his tutors, Lady-Mistress. His tutor of calligraphy thinks I am a distraction.”

I am further irritated with the children’s calligraphy tutor, but at least he is trying something.

“Wait elsewhere, Heiye,” I ordered, and went about my errand, which was to speak to Cook and ask as to her needs. She and I work closely together.

When next I passed by, Heiye was sitting in the chair by the front door, the one so recently occupied by Sev’s subordinate. I decided not to bother interfering with his solitude.

Everyone in my household is a little strange, or so I sometimes think.

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