Tree day

Other than the excitement this morning, I did have a very restful day today. I wish Sev had not felt the need to go out to all the homes of his male friends and drink with them, for the excitement this morning could have been prevented if he had been home. Pang loves his father very much and emulates him too much.

I think I handled it well. I hope so. Pen, at least, made no trouble today. Even her birds were quiet for a change. They do chatter.

In the almost a week that my husband has been home, Pang has grown accustomed to breaking his fast with the whole family. This morning I lay abed late and Sev apparently left before dawn without even a bite to eat, according to Cook. The twins of necessity ate alone, and Pang had what can only be called a fit of temper. I can only suppose he was overwrought from the procession and the fleet and the feast yesterday. River knows I was, and am.

In any case, he had a fit of temper and screamed at his servants and his sister and threw his plate to the floor. It broke, adding an expense to the family accounts.

The rules I had laid down being clear, when I was summoned from my bed to deal with him (in my dressing gown, no less) I did exactly as I had said I would. I had Heiye beaten. He was there. He should have diverted Pang, distracted him. Instead Heiye stood quietly aside and my son made a fool of himself. The servants will talk.

He was given three strokes and I watched them done, as did both my children. They need to understand that discipline must be established, and that discipline will be established, or they will not get far in life. River knows Pang would never succeed in a military career with a temper like that. I should probably talk to the boy. He took his slave out into the garden and they spent all afternoon out there quietly together, Heiye not having concieved a case of the sulks, thankfully.

I need to talk to my husband and my son. My husband about my son, and my son about why he was so overcome that he had no refuge but physical destruction of property.

With that sort of thug-like demeanor, he might as well join the army. Not all members of the military can be as saintly as my Sev.

Let it not be so. My son is a good child. This was an aberation.

I stayed abed today and rested. Nothing else of interest occured.

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