Moon day

A dull day all around, with various simple tasks to complete before the coming ceremony. None of my friends had time to meet with me at all and it was a bit lonely, though understandably so. We’ll have few opportunities like this in a good year, and this is a bad year for Society and its fashions. The chance to make a good impression on a Prince or a Princess and perhaps to rise up the falls

I know that despite our family’s good fortunes, Sev will never rise up the falls. By the river, he’s come close to taking the traitor’s plunge so many times doing what he believed would win. Of course, he was right. He always is.

I’m not hoping for advancement. I just want to maintain our reputation. No one, not Vinye or Tala or Min can be allowed to take our triumph and turn it into their little joke. It isn’t a joking matter, despite what they may think. Sev doesn’t flout his officers because he thinks it’s funny.

Considering what the general almost did to him after he learned what Sev had done with his men, I’m just glad not to be a widow.

I suppose most husbands don’t confide in their wives. I know Vinye wouldn’t be caught dead in men’s affairs. Myself, I put up that front, but I don’t think that the others have it in them to be less than honest. I trust them. They wouldn’t lie to me. I don’t lie to them, either. After all, they never ask me what exactly Sev did in the campaigns. So I don’t answer.

Chores today: bought new cloth for tunics and dresses. Heiye needs it, and it’s high time the rest of the servants had new garb as well. Some of the silver is lost, so I’ve ordered replacements. Another dress fitting and Sev’s good armor had to go to the armory to have the dents beaten out. I don’t care to consider that.

Another day of this tomorrow. I can hardly wait.

I am going to ring for my maid and see if she might not find Sev for me. I can discuss accounts with him.

I shall let you in on a little secret, kind reader who shall never read this unless they search my room, find this hidden in the secret drawer in the back of the desk and happen to have my journal-key that I keep around my neck: Sev does not like accounts.

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