Earth day

The boy’s name is Heiye. He has skin like almond butter and great dark eyes. He’s far too skinny, he obviously needs a thorough feeding. And a new set of clothes. Two, even. His are barely fit to burn. Still, he has a lively light in his eye and he’s quiet, which I find attractive. He moves quickly and seemed obedient at the market when the trader showed off his paces.

I’m not quite sure why the trader thought I would be interested in a boy who could juggle and knew how to walk on his hands, but I don’t care to consider it. I suppose if nothing else it will keep Pang entertained.

I left them to get acquainted under the watchful eye of Pen and her nurse. Pen is quite protective of her twin, more than I realized. When I introduced Heiye to them, she frowned at him quite sternly. I do hope she doesn’t take an irrational dislike to the lad. He’s only here to make everyone’s life simpler.

The market was amazing and exhausting. Walking among the bustle of people isn’t as romantic as the other ladies like to think it (not that they would ever dream of buying a slave themselves, the cowards). It was hot and dusty and the streets were rather horrid with grime and assorted unmentionables, including unmentionable people. Beggars.

I’m not quite sure why they think I have money to throw away. I have a family to take care of, a household to run, a husband to clothe and represent to society at large while he’s off gallivanting, almost twenty servants and now I can finally afford a slave and they want me to just give them silver coins like they grow on trees. It simply doesn’t make sense.

The trader had the most terrible teeth. Most of them were yellow, and the two at the front were decidedly rodent-like. He was also missing three around the sides, and one of them was black. I didn’t stare, naturally, but I did want to. Imagine having that sort of bad luck.

The trader – I should have asked his name – said that Heiye’s hair is a lovely soft black when it’s grown out, which I intend to do. It was all cut off for purposes of pest control, which is a horrible thought, but better than him bringing vermin into my home. I keep a neat home and respectable one, and I need no bugs getting into everything and ruining the clothes and the rugs and-

I worry too much. It’s my one big fault, though Sev would tell me I have many, and I do hope he doesn’t mean it when he says things like that.

Writing today is doing me no good. The market got me very excited, and I must lie down until it passes.

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