Tree day

Everyone is thrilled with the news. Cook thinks that at the very least she’ll have simple chores for the boy, and if he’s clever she says he can learn to serve at table. I do hope I can find a clever one. Clever servants (and slaves, I suppose) are much better than stupid ones. Clary was a terror, and I’m not sorry I turned her out without a good word to her name. I’m not. She was a nuisance and a horror and she made Pen cry with those nasty jokes of hers about noble lilies and foot binding. It wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now. Society hasn’t held golden lilies in vogue in centuries and I’m not about to bring the fashion back with my little girl, thank you very much.

I shouldn’t go on so. It just bothers me to feel so attacked in my own home, and I’m just glad none of the others – the other servants, that is – are so horrid. (I’m afraid now I’ve used horror and then horrid. I must try harder to be eloquent.)

Sev is getting his bonus, you see, I asked him this morning. I cannot, I simply refuse to believe he did what he said he did, though I do trust him. It’s simply too unbelievable. His tales generally are, of course, but even my credulity is strained by it.

He might get a medal as well as a bonus. Wouldn’t that be something? Pang would love that. He does love his father’s medals, not the way Sev does. I swear, the man would throw the things in a chest to rust straight away if I didn’t take them away from him. I wonder if this is what common mothers feel, picking up their children’s toys.

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