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Longer Letter Later

A friend of mine commented last week that I sign almost all of my comments on her writing blog with ‘longer comment later.’ That’s how I feel about my writing right now, but I don’t want my notes to myself about writing Tapestry and the other stories I have percolating to be entirely ‘I am not writing as much as I would like.’ On that note, I am very pleased with how this latest batch of writing is going. I think I’ve conquered some plot holes and moved the story towards where it needs to be, and done some important things I’ll need later. I’m holding steady at a few posts a month, which is much better than no posts for six months, as has happened in Tapestry‘s history. Life continues hectic in a lot of non-writing-related ways, but I feel pretty optimistic about things there simplifying and sorting out as well.


I ran into a neat recipe that I need to include in Tapestry – spiced potato shreds. I love including random recipes there.

I am working on moving to a different working/living situation, where I would hopefully have more time to write.

Back like Jack

My newest buffer goal is to have one week in buffer. I can generally write a maximum of four updates in a sitting, so I’m going to say that three updates a week is a good minimum.

Cloth of Kings is the title of Book Three of Tapestry. The trilogy after that is, and this is pretty tentative and subject to change, Jungle Dreams, River Dreams, and Mountain Dreams.

I won’t bore anyone (particularly myself) with what I’ve been up to for the past six months. Roughly speaking, three months of having sprained wrists and three months where I don’t have that excuse. Oh, and I went on vacation in Vermont in the middle of a historic heat wave. Did you know that in Vermont, no one realizes their air conditioner is broken until the third day of 90+ degree heat? True story.

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Hey, all. Author here again! I’m Wystie, in case I haven’t introduced myself. Suki and I are female, like drinking tea and enjoy a good debate, but that’s where we part ways.

The point being, the website is still updating over here:

It has an RSS feed:

It also has a twitter, that updates whenever a new post goes up and with status updates and random junk:

There’s a personal blog, where I announce things like the award Tapestry is up for. It’s called a Rose and Bay, and votes are appreciated: (It’s in the fiction category, in case that’s unclear.)

If anyone reading has a paid or permanent account, you can make Tapestry a proper LJ syndication feed by entering the RSS feed over here at the bottom of the page:

I’ll repeat that last one. If anyone reading has a paid or permanent account, please do the RSS feed thing. I know my own patience, and I do not want to update the LJ feed by hand. I got a website so I wouldn’t have to update a LJ feed by hand.

Tapestry Review 2007

Once upon a time, a site called Pages Unbound did what Web Fiction Guide does now, providing a place for the sharing of stories and reader feedback. This is a review of Tapestry I saved from that site from ages ago – 2007, I’d say.

Old Softy
I Liked: Given the premise (of our peeking into the secret diary of a minor noblewoman in an unknown land) the author has played it completely straight. There are no laboured devices to explain things to us, and I could spot nothing out of character anywhere.
The characters, who apart from our protagonist we only see second hand, are completely convincing. We may not be sure whether we like them or not, but that is true to life, and indeed we may also change our minds about that in a very realistic way.
I Did Not Like (Optional): I edit this to remove my moan at the previous hiatus. Wysteria is updating again!
I Would Recommend This To (Optional): Anyone, fantasy lover or not, who has the bravery and imagination to try something difficult. It only works if you can think between the lines, but then it is a delight.
Other Comments (Optional): If you have the self discipline and patience, look at just one entry per day, bookmarking the page each time. This makes her seem very real, but I am afraid I cracked after a couple of weeks!

Administrative Notes

Tapestry will update this week on a MT/TF schedule, or four updates. They’re all in the scheduler. I am feeling quite good about the relaunch so far, and have not been struck down with any inconvinient flu bugs, writers block episodes or family drama. I’ll continue to fill in the scheduler until I have a three week buffer of MT/TF posts and if I write even more than that (ideally) I’ll fill in to a MTWTF schedule, and then start building out to a four week buffer, and then add Saturday, then five week, then Sunday, then six week.

I honestly expect to fail somewhere in there, the question really becomes where.

Other things to do: make more ads and advertise like Dickens. Did Dickens advertise? I don’t know! But I am going to imagine he did. Continue reviewing Book Two so far and making notes on details and plot points. Work on writing the two side stories that I may also launch, though I think I will write my buffers of those before launching the things.

In short, I have an idea for a weekly serial detective / medieval fantasy series, which would update weekly with long chapters, and an intensely silly zombie apocalypse style romance story, which would update… on whatever schedule zombie apocalypse romance stories update.

My meta-plan also includes using this blog to link to interesting things, post story ideas and post short stories. I like my meta-plan.