Patronage, Web Serial Writing Month, and Dragons

Very happy to welcome Wispfox into my little circle of patrons on Patreon. We’re quite close to buying me a subscription to a short story news service that helps me find places to send out short stories.

Speaking of short stories, I put Dragon Attendant up for subscribers/patrons. It’s a 4,600 word fantasy Rome story about gladiator dragons. I’m still very pleased with it. It honestly feels like it wants to be a novella, but I must finish my second draft of the sci-fi novel (character profiles currently going up for Patrons on Patreon as I finish them) and get Tapestry a buffer.

Speaking of getting Tapestry a buffer, it turned 8 years old this year and has just about a week’s worth of daily updates in the hopper. I’m writing it in the mornings before work and trying to get up to a month’s buffer before the end of August. That’s about two periods of work eating my life, so hopefully it would be enough to keep things even-keeled.