July Prompt Call

July’s call is now closed. See you later!

Let’s jump right into it – leave me a short prompt, and I will do my best to write a short story. I will write at least 300 words per prompt, and may write more if the urge strikes me. I’ll be taking prompts from July 25-26, because my car had the ill grace to need its wheel bearing replaced right after a series of unfortunate events (otherwise known as normal living expenses). My goal is to finish writing all prompts by Sunday evening.

Patreon patrons get automatic story extensions. Give me two prompts or one prompt you double-length.

Now, if by some happy chance, you want me to write more than 300 words or on more than one topic, my writing rates are $5/500 words. Alternatively, if you just want to throw in a tip, you can do that too. Money is very motivating to me. I use it to buy tea. Here’s links to my Paypal and my Patreon account:



As I said above, prompts can be about anything, but I’ll also write extra pieces of ongoing stories if that’s what you’d like. I’ll write fanfic, too, but only if I’m sufficiently familiar with the universe in question. Stories I’m currently working on:

  •  Tapestry, an alternate-history fantasy story.
  •  Colony X, a science fiction story.

Written so far and to write: