January writing round-up

The big news in January is definitely having finished the draft of Colony X, available for closed alpha review if you make an account on this site & I approve it. It’s currently marinading while I figure out how long I should wait before starting editing. I’m thinking through the end of February or whenever I finish my current round of short stories, whichever comes first.

The other interesting news of January is I’ve gotten a short story, a 3,000-word romance set after the zombie apocalypse, accepted into an anthology. I’m very pleased about that. I’ll be making that available in some form after I see the contract and see what’s acceptable sharing and what isn’t.

I’m also working on a short Lovecraftian tale set in a museum, also for an anthology, and contemplating a literary/emotional story about bears for a contest. I’m writing a lot of silly little flash fictions in my writing-doodle journal, and Tapestry has been updating with a new direction that I think points to more updates all around.

That’s my good news, and I’d like to hear yours – what projects are you working on? It doesn’t have to be fiction, it can be anything creative or crafty.