Tell me to write things

Hiya! I am hoping you will help me with some chronic writer’s block I’ve been suffering since I sprained both of my wrists about a year and a half ago. It was very unpleasant and thoroughly messed up my writing habit, because writing with no hands available was complex.

Here’s how it works. You leave me a prompt, which can be anything, and I will do my best to write about it. I will write at least 300 words per prompt, and may write more if the urge strikes me. I’ll be taking prompts all day, March 30. My goal is to finish writing all prompts by Saturday evening, so there will be livewriting and I’ll try to hang around in the comments if there happen to be any comments. Stranger things have happened.

Now, if by some happy chance, you want me to write more than 300 words or on more than one topic, my writing rates are $3/500 words. Alternatively, if you just want to throw in a tip, you can do that too. Money is very motivating to me. I use it to buy tea. Paypal linkie:



As I said above, prompts can be about anything, but I’ll also write story extensions if that’s what you’d like. I’ll write fanfic, too, but only if I’m sufficiently familiar with the universe in question. Stories I’m currently working on:
*Brenda and Zombies, part of my zombie humor universe
*Medieval fantasy mystery series that needs a name
*Colony X, a new sci-fi story.
*The fanfic adventures of Zita (Taste the Rainbow)

Written so far and to write: