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Hey, all. Author here again! I’m Wystie, in case I haven’t introduced myself. Suki and I are female, like drinking tea and enjoy a good debate, but that’s where we part ways.

The point being, the website is still updating over here:

It has an RSS feed:

It also has a twitter, that updates whenever a new post goes up and with status updates and random junk:

There’s a personal blog, where I announce things like the award Tapestry is up for. It’s called a Rose and Bay, and votes are appreciated: (It’s in the fiction category, in case that’s unclear.)

If anyone reading has a paid or permanent account, you can make Tapestry a proper LJ syndication feed by entering the RSS feed over here at the bottom of the page:

I’ll repeat that last one. If anyone reading has a paid or permanent account, please do the RSS feed thing. I know my own patience, and I do not want to update the LJ feed by hand. I got a website so I wouldn’t have to update a LJ feed by hand.