Tapestry Review 2007

Once upon a time, a site called Pages Unbound did what Web Fiction Guide does now, providing a place for the sharing of stories and reader feedback. This is a review of Tapestry I saved from that site from ages ago – 2007, I’d say.

Old Softy
I Liked: Given the premise (of our peeking into the secret diary of a minor noblewoman in an unknown land) the author has played it completely straight. There are no laboured devices to explain things to us, and I could spot nothing out of character anywhere.
The characters, who apart from our protagonist we only see second hand, are completely convincing. We may not be sure whether we like them or not, but that is true to life, and indeed we may also change our minds about that in a very realistic way.
I Did Not Like (Optional): I edit this to remove my moan at the previous hiatus. Wysteria is updating again!
I Would Recommend This To (Optional): Anyone, fantasy lover or not, who has the bravery and imagination to try something difficult. It only works if you can think between the lines, but then it is a delight.
Other Comments (Optional): If you have the self discipline and patience, look at just one entry per day, bookmarking the page each time. This makes her seem very real, but I am afraid I cracked after a couple of weeks!